12 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas For Birthday

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12 Easy DIY Decoration Ideas For Birthday

For birthdays, you don’t always want to spend an arm and a leg for decoration. At other times, you want something more personalized and unique to celebrate your loved one. No matter what when planning a birthday party, we recommend using a small DIY to get a good start celebrations. Here are 12 easy-to-use birthday decorating ideas that almost anyone can pull and modify to work for any kind of celebration!

1. Paper Pinwheels

Choose a draft paper that works for your topic and create these reels easy! Decorate the tables, gift area or cake box in the corner with these exotic touches. {Studio DIY Found}

2. Rainbow Water

Make a beautiful scene at the tables with a little water and food coloring and fresh flowers. This adds an easy bang to an inappropriate place and guests will love it!

3. Embellished Party Hats

Decorate each party hat with fun decorations and creative spirit. A must have for every single guest and add to the eclectic mix! {Found on Handmade Charlotte}

4. Balloon Backdrop

This DIY couldn’t be easier. Take the balloons and badges and go to work! It’s the perfect way to add a party and color without too much trouble. {Pinterest}

5. Confetti Glasses

For a princess cause or a more adult celebration, try creating these sparkling glasses. This will create a feminine atmosphere and a touch of romance! {Found on 36th Street}


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