13 Different DIY Step Stools For The Family To Utilize

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In the bathroom so that children can reach the patients. In the store to reach the top shelf. In the closet to catch the hidden shoes in the last row. These functional elements are essential for every home. Fortunately, there are ways to create them yourself. Discover these 13 different stools that you can use by the family.


1# White + Wood


Our booking and cooking stools provided an easy step-up to help us get started. This one fits perfectly into the farm style. We would mix natural wood to color with white.


2# Simple



Here is a simple ladder consisting of 100 things to do that will save the job you need. It is very similar to the previous design, but it is made of dark wood. You can easily switch white bits with other neutrality such as gray or black.


3# One-Step




You can make stairs with only one step! This is the ideal design if you need it just for one of the children at home. Learn the instructions.

4# Rustic




Building something has a nice DIY for this rustic-inspired step stool. Aqua Paint – or any color works with your home – you can easily customize this color. And it’s both adult and child-friendly.



This design has a little more height and more narrow around it. Always easy to prepare and easy to follow tutorial. Take all the details by visiting the White Picket Ranch.

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