13 Extra Balloon Decor DIYs for Your Shower Celebrations New

Any type of party calls for a certain type of party. Colors, sparkling accents and balloons are of course synonymous with celebration. For a shower, be it a bride or a child, you have to add a touch of extra magic to celebrate this moment. DIY decor may not be the place where your talents are lined up, but it can certainly create a personal touch these days. We compiled a list of balloon decorations that are simple enough to reproduce and will add even more special charm to the party.

#1. Pom-Pom Balloons.

One of the easiest projects to do is to take glue and a bag of colored poms to get there. It’s incredibly simple but also incredibly unique when viewed. {For more info  #Land of Nod}

#2. Paper-Filled Balloon.


Create paper candies and fill your balloons with fun! Make sure to use clear bubbles to give the best possible appearance. {For More info #Prettyprudent}

#3. Confetti-Dipped Balloons.

DIY Confetti Dipped Balloons

Immerse shower balls in gold leaf sweets for a more elegant and elegant look. It is feminine and festive, giving the party a festive and modern charm. {#DIY Studio}

#5. Geronimo Balloons.


If you encounter "Geronimo" balloons too large, grab them quickly. They create an unparalleled scene, but the best part is attached to the "dress" on the ropes! {For more info  #Bridal Musings}


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