15 Easy DIY Seashells Crafts To Add To Your Summer

When the hottest months arrive, many of us start dreaming about a beach vacation. Therefore, it is quite appropriate that oysters become an essential element of the season – be it decorative or … a project of rain. Now, whether you use real or similar shells, these little gifts of nature have something really special about them. Check out these 15 seashell crafts to add to the summer task list below!

1. Hanging Planters

Brit + Co begins our unique journey with these charming farmers. Hanging styles are really fashionable now, but the unique "pot" – as in coincidence – brings a new breath of elegance and surprise. It’s really an ideal summer accompaniment for your apartment.

2. Coastal Butterflies

Green with Decor has given us a lot of inspirational ideas to work and be creative with coincidence. For example, you can take small shells and turn them into shadowbox artwork …. in more precise butterflies! This is a great way to run a bathroom or guest room.

3. Door Hanger

You can also create a hanger relationship with some of these additional marine shells that you have saved on a beach holiday in the past. With the help of Home Made by Carmona, you can make it a welcome piece in your bedroom or even your home office. Of course, this will also be good in a covered patio or balcony.

4. Oyster Candles

Then, if you have shellfish shells, you can create really wonderful candles using them as a base. You can find the easy tutorial at Atta Girl Says. In the meantime, think about all the great ideas you can use. Weddings, showers, summer dinners, bathroom decor and more!

5. Beachy Tote

Prepare a beach bag to take your holiday on the sea this summer! Take a plaid mattress (yes, really) and a handful of seashells to accentuate – maybe you’ll also need a glue gun. Then go to Sweet Teal to get all the details of the instructions.

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