15 Fantastic Ways to Alter T-Shirts and Tank Tops to Get Ready for Summer

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The warmer the days, the more enthusiastic we are each year to start wearing our summer clothes! However, we are generally more likely to make ourselves than shopping in stores, because we can create objects as we wish. Maybe it’s just a hobbyist, but there’s something in the pile of old clothes that we wear every year during the spring cleaning that screams "our potential" and one of our favorite spring is going into our own clothes and finding old shirts and tank tops that we can modify and turn into a " New "!

Just in case you want to create t-shirts and tank tops for your summer, but you think you can use a little more advice, here are 15 great designs, tutorials and inspiration for elegance to take advantage of your creative flow before you make your cut first.


1. Regular tank top to crossing crop

Have you ever got a simple ordinary tank that you really love but have owned for many years and you can not find a shiny T-shirt? Maybe you have a very similar new one but in a better condition. Well, you seem to be using it as if you had everything you need to create an elegant top like this one instead of A Pair and A Spare! We love the way this cross-striped shirt is (and we also love how easy it is to do surprisingly).


2. T-shirt to cinched neck tank top

Do you have a large number of huge old shirts that you never wear, but you feel bad about getting rid of so many decent clothes? Upcycling is definitely the best plan for you! We recently turned an old shirt into a nice bodice and a tank top on Green PB & J’s, and we loved it so much that we made it again the same day.


3. Easy tying open-back tee

We have always been a fan of fashion openings, whether elegant or informal, so we are sure that you can imagine how happy we are to find this Wobi Sobi tutorial that describes this style! This shirt, however, does more than just give you a piece. It’s also a knot surface, which means you can adjust its fit around the center and get cut in the same place! We love the idea of wearing a bar of bright colors below it so that it is visible.


4. T-shirt to tying crop top

Did you really draw attention to the idea of a do-it-yourself shirt, but you do not know exactly what you feel about the back knot style and feel at ease to create a shirt that connects the front instead? In this case, we suggest you watch how you created Tomboy Vintage this wonderful shirt! They show you exactly where and how you cut to get the classic top of your primary shirt.


5. Plain t-shirt to DIY fringe tank top

Do you have some interesting music festival projects with your friends this year, but you have not seen any clothes for the stores worth the price? Are you looking for DIY inspiration? After that, we definitely suggest you see how A Girl and A Glue Gun made this top of the short shirt in just a few simple steps! They made easy cuts and creative contracts and hated the fabric paint. The best part is the customization of this shirt idea!


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