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Add some excitement to your entry this summer. Make sure your guests are always welcome and have a good personality when entering. Either in front of the door or once you enter the lobby, there are 15 summer entry ideas, which will easily help lighten the space this season! Scroll down and let us know your favorite outside the group!

#1. Under $12 Bench.

Never Skip Brunch is the ideal entry seat created from scratch – and costs less than $ 12. Use it as an easy-to-organize welcome for your family to organize your bags, view jet planes and let everyone’s shoes find space below. Check the details after the jump.

#2. Shoe Tray

Instead of the seat, you can create a tray to hide everyone’s shoes (especially guests) when entering the house. It will keep the land clean at the front of the house and will organize these sports shoes and sandals in an elegant and organized manner. Take the tutorial at #Hazel + Gold Designs.

#3. Pineapple Doorknocker

Look forward to your suggestion with extra stylish attractiveness and summer vibrations as you attach one of these beautiful pineapple bags to the main entrance. It’s a great way to give your guests a good first impression. Find the tutorial on #A Beautiful Mess.

#4. Board & Batten Wall

The best part of the wall of discrimination is not only the fact that you can easily recreate it yourself, but adding these hooks makes it an essential part of the front door. #House Mix guides you through the transformation process and helps you find inspiration for upholstery and use the area in a practical way. It took only $ 100 to finish

#5. Tree Bench

#Angela Marie Med will teach you how to build a protective seat. It is a great room for organizing the main room, especially for families. backpages, coats, etc. can easily find a comfortable place to stay when not in use.

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