15 Tasty Delicious Recipes for Ham Lovers

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If there is one kind of meeting we can always count on it to be savory and loved by all members of our family, and as important to every guest we visit in our home. The taste is light and enjoyable and there are many ways to prepare it! That’s why we’re always looking for new pork recipes and pork cooking methods that we have never tried before, but we think we look very delicious.

#1. Cheesy ham and potato bacon casserole

Are you the person who likes to ignore all the health points from time to time, and does something just for his taste and delicious satisfaction, regardless of what your mind tells you about calories? Well, if you like cheese and bacon like pork, we feel like you will love the delicious potato pork offered by #Oh Sweet Basil Recipe and Bacon Casserole as well.

#2. Baked ham with brown sugar glaze

Maybe you are a big ham lover who would prefer to keep him close enough of his original flavor whenever possible, even when adding a little extra flavor? In this case, you’ll need something lighter, but we still think you’ll appreciate how this recipe provides you with a hot perspective! Look better at the recipe to learn how to prepare brown sugar pork. From  #A Spicy Perspective

#3. Spicy tamarind and honey glazed spiral ham

Setting pork with honey is definitely not fresh. In fact, glazed honey is a delicious classic we can not live without it frankly! If you want to add a delicious touch, here’s a recipe from #Bon Appetit that shows you how to be creative by adding flavors to tamarind.

#4. Ham and cheese make-ahead breakfast casserole

If you are a fan of delicious dishes such as our own dishes and never try to prepare for your day to be less demanding than preparing everything for your health, we are about to change a game for you! #Foodie Crush Here to teach you how to prepare a delicious breakfast dish made from ham and cheese, making it ideal for late family breakfasts or in the morning.

#5. Ham and cheese hash brown waffles


Just like we said about the casseroles we mentioned above, you’ve also been missing out if you’ve never tried hash brown waffles! These are just what they sound like; finely chipped potato hash browns that are pressed into the classic waffle shape. This recipe from #Damn Delicious is one of our favourites when it comes to those because it shows you how to make them with ham and cheese.

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