15 Tasty Delicious Recipes for Ham Lovers

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#11. Marmalade glazed ham

Have you caught your attention so far by mentioning the various ideas that add a little sweetness and fruit to the meat you love so much, but none of these previous ideas have really been retained? In this case, we suggest you take a look at how #Bon Appetit works for this tasty star, you read this jam!

#12. Ham and cheese pastry puffs


I’m still unsure of adding ham, with irresistible soluble cheese, to dishes that can be served in a family breakfast or breakfast on a special occasion, but you want to gather as many ideas as possible? Well, if the pancakes have already fascinated you, we certainly suggest you try these wonderful puff pastries with pork and cheese from Plain Chicken!

#13. Hawaiian fried rice

Perhaps you have passed through our list hoping to find a recipe that allows you to use pork in a strange or strange way for what you normally do? Next, we encourage you to take a look at one of our favorite side dishes: this Hawaiian fried rice stuffed with pineapple and pork described in detail in The Recipe Critic!

#14. Pineapple glazed ham

Have we noticed now that pork and pineapple are mentioned in one place, but would you prefer to keep pork in the middle instead of cutting it down to a side dish? In this case, we believe that you should simply take a look at how to make a splendid Pork  #Bon Appetit and pineapple in a few simple steps.

#15. Fig, melon, and Spanish ham salad with basil


Have you already overturned our list in the hope of finding something very unique or closer to what can be presented to you in a fancy restaurant because you are hoping to convince someone you already know loves pork, so you’ve held it? In this case, we suggest you see how this dangerous food made the salad of figs, melons, ham and delicious basil! From #Serious Eats

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