15 Wonderful Manicures That are Perfect for Spring

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We are not entirely sure that spring makes us want to change our appearance and experience something new, but this happens every year and is one of the most important elements in changing the season! There is something very refreshing about flowering flowers, warm weather, and fresh birds, which makes us want to wear bright colors from head to toe. That’s why we spend a lot of time with nail polish in the spring; we simply can not stop painting our fingers and toes! This spring, we will recognize that we are truly obsessed with giving us as many manicures with spring features as we can imagine, exchanging colors and patterns every week to keep things interesting. However, after a while, we began to feel adventurous and ask ourselves whether there were new techniques and forms escaped from us. So we used the Internet to find inspiration.

This is how we have found 15 wonderful educational lessons about creating a refreshing spring fingernail and a vibrant nail beauty that will make you feel comfortable all week!


1. Sideways French spring manicure




Like us, do you think you probably did not hear about the French side manicure? As you can see in the pictures, it’s so simple, really! Instead of the contrast color on the tip of the nail, be along each of them, from the point to the nail bed. This special spring manicure (which we made twice this spring in different colors) uses gloss instead of polishing to create a contrasting moon shape, just to get more pizza. Get details on So Nailicious.


2. Tropical fingertips



So we know that this particular idea is in the summer a little more than spring, but there’s nothing wrong with getting ready early to spend your big summer vacation when the sun gets up, right? It may seem a little scary to design tree-shaped plans in such a small space, but Cosmopolitan exists to illustrate how to draw the shape and make the effect of the sky to the sea also disappear.


3. Pink and teal floral fever



In addition to recreating bright colors after long winter, our favorite thing in the spring is undoubtedly the flowers suddenly everywhere shaking their colorful petals in the wind! Why not combine the two things we love most in the season in the same place? There are many ways to create spring flower nails in different shapes and designs, but we liked this particularly bright and pink idea from The Daily Lust because these colors are so wonderful this season.


4. Precious spring coloured gems



When you read your brightly colored clothes, when you store neutral colors in the winter, do you often despise yourself to realize that you look like deep and rich jewelry tones? After that, here’s a manicure that fits your style perfectly, whatever outfit you choose! Discover how not only did Pampadour color each color with a series of beautiful tones and create an impressive geometric shape that actually resembled gems in each finger.


5. Soft spring ombre nails


What is it about spring that makes ombre effects and gorgeous fades suddenly seem even prettier than they already are the rest of the year? Well, we’re not sure, but we give into the trend each year completely because we think they’re lovely no matter the colour way. Because teals and blues are so trendy this spring, however, we’re particular fond of this particular sponge ombre tutorial featured on Lulu’s. You could choose any combination of colours, of course, but we did ours just like you see here!






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