25 Super Cute Medium Haircuts

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25 Super Cute Medium Haircuts

Medium-length hair may seem limited, but it actually gives you more options than any other length! Depending on the haircut you choose, you can get a number of different shapes, from the most attractive to the most daring to the most romantic. Read on to discover 25 of our favorite medium hairstyles.

1. Wavy Blond Haircut


Make a statement with this platinum blonde razor that lies above the shoulders when curly. Its exquisite appearance gives it a charming atmosphere. Visit Feel & Flourish to learn how to get this look with your own hair.

2. Medium Haircut With Bangs

If straight hairstyles please you over, try this beautiful long bob. A pale margin gives it a unique feel, while slightly creased ends keep it repeating. Go to Short-Haircut.com to see these and other patterns with explosions.

3. Wavy Ombre Haircut

Like the first pattern, this pattern is wavy – but these waves are unusual and comfortable. The shade hair color really shows the curls. The long sweeping side blast adds a little texture to this mid-length cut. See you here to check.

4. Medium Straight Haircut

For an ultra-professional look, you can choose this ultra-thin straight shave that strikes just below the shoulder. The ends are slightly curled and there is very little overlap and no hunting. See you at Kensington Way to learn more about this look.

5. Beachy Waves


This choppy cut is perfect for anyone looking for a medium length style that’s low maintenance. The cut is blunt, and the quick and easy waves are styled with your fingers. Head on over to The Beauty Department to find out how to recreate this look on your own hair.


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