Cute DIY Birthday Card Ideas

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Buying funny, thoughtful or emotional birthday cards for your friends and family is always a nice gesture. However, if you are a DIY enthusiast like us, know that sometimes it makes more sense for both people if what you gave to someone on his birthday is something you created yourself! Making someone a birthday card doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will definitely show them how much you love it.

Check out these 15 adorable birthday card templates for people of all ages. We hope you feel inspired to try to recreate one or reinvent you!

1. Kissing buttons cards

It’s always fun to add a 3D feature to the map. It’s also visual fun. We would like the contrast between the buttons and the thin, simple lines to draw the stick in this correspondence card that embraces the love of Paulo Jacobo Meda!

2. Hiding bear card

Do you like grandma cards that open and unfold? Then, you may want this adorable cub which is clearly prepared for a surprise party! Find out how it was created on should not be taught.

3 . Paper doily cupcake card

If you’ve visited our site before, you probably already know how much we love DIY projects that use unconventional materials. That’s why we love a beautiful cupcake card made of lots of placemat paper! Learn how to make it from the Stamper kitchen table.

4. Birthday candle card

Terao Design guides you through the process of creating a very simple but very cool birthday candle. You can use this card as a birthday card for a friend or as an invitation to your own party!

5. String balloon card

Designing an attractive card from the outside is certainly a good idea, but we also love the nice cards inside! The Thrifty Ginger suggests cutting paper balloons and banner flags, then using parts of the colored thread to create a small party scene when the card is opened.


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