DIY Hemp Bracelets for Summer

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Now that the summer has become in full swing, finally arrived the season of homemade bracelets! When we were younger (and even in adulthood, if we were quite honest), making complex hemp bracelets was a tradition in our summer. We weave all types of styles, braids and fabrics that represent all kinds and colors of hemp beads, shiny yarn and embroideries in the early summer, so we finish school holidays with each wrist and ankle, with tan lines under each. We will wear them until they are so worn that they fall or even choose their pieces to prepare them for new bodies next year. Now that we are adults and have professional jobs, we may not make them the same way often to ourselves, but we still love the idea of ​​homemade cannabis bracelets and have continued to imitate our children. , Helping them collect supplies and choosing Fun Pearls at the beginning of their summer vacation so they can weave their own creations throughout the summer.

Just in case you want to create different bracelets of summer cannabis with your children, but you are new to this concept or not satisfied with this practice, there are 15 instructional lessons and amazing design ideas and sample designs to get them. You’re in swing things!


1# Twisting macrame bracelet



Are you a nostalgic artisan who loves to teach his children the same designs and techniques that you learned when you are younger and then watch them give their personal development? Then, here’s one of the most traditional cannabis knitting designs, which are presented in simple steps so everyone can try it! Beadege reminds you of how to make a knotted knot for twisted peace, as well as how to add pearls to the mix.


2# Thicker flat hemp knots




When we were younger, we often found that the intricate bracelets we created were much thinner than we expected, especially when we used the shiny embroidery thread instead of the thick material to make our knots. That’s why we were very happy to find this brilliant idea to create a thicker belt and thickness, no matter what type of cord you choose to use. Panda Hall tells you how to wrap your colors (or cannabis ropes) around two thick pieces of string or cord as a base, so that the fish is already installed even before you start making your pattern.


3# Flat and beaded bracelet with a button closure



I always liked the shape of summer hemp and embroidered bracelets, especially when it comes to the beautiful beads, but you work so that you can not wear them all the time during your shift, tying them tightly in the way we talked about above? Well, Rings & Things can fully understand the need to design always less. For this reason, they describe how to put a button and a ring on both ends of your bracelet to create a simple clip that allows you to remove and remove it. Fairly easily.


4# Delicate braided hemp bracelet with double bead rows



Most of the classic cannabis bracelets we have encountered over the years are actually very thick or chunky, but that does not mean that there are no other options for you if you prefer something else. A little smaller. More sensitive! This beautiful and beaded design for Crafts Unleashed, for example, is a perfect example of what we want to say. They show you how to make a multiple braid strand with a small pearl seeing each side. We love a mix of two-color pearls, but it would be very fun to be creative using your collections!


5# Super fast arrow shaped bracelet



Here’s another classic tutorial that will remind you nicely, in case you need a quick refresher course! We love the simplicity and clarity of Nala N ‘in Dunyasi which describes the specific steps to create a color descending arrow, but it is not difficult to adjust the number of color changes (if applicable). We have also made this kind of unsorted bracelets and the result is still beautiful even if they are monochromatic.

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