Homemade Garden Decor Ideas

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Now that the atmosphere is finally warm and our gardens are starting to flourish, we spend more time outdoors. However, the more we appreciate this space, the more we wonder if there are some small tricks that we can do to amplify them more with some kind of great manual detail! That’s why we were blindfolded all week looking for great educational programs that could help us create exciting garden parts.


1. Cute painted garden things

In your search for self-made horticulture, were you particularly interested in something your children might be able to help because they also want to spend time in their garden? In this case, we suggest picking up new rocks, looking for paint and watching how Instructables created these "little things in the garden" that look like very small creatures overlooking your garden and which you decide to see. put them.


2. Rock covered bucket planter

You may already have some farmers who are hoping to put bouquets of beautiful flowers, but you also wonder if you can not make them look more thorny and natural than they are now? In this case, we certainly suggest that you see how Centsational Style created these wonderful DIY buckets covered with rocks and planted them with their flowers!


3. DIY painted rock caterpillar

It really caught our attention when we started talking about making stone decorations painted with your kids, but you’re sure young artists will want to add more colors to each stone than a pair of black and white eyes? In this case, we think you’ll just have a look at how to draw Nelly Bailey for these rocks and put them into a lovely Caterpillar! He was sitting on the window sill, but we made many of them with our children and put them everywhere in our garden and on our balcony.


4. Unique painted rock garden markers

Have you always been a fan of any kind of really useful DIY project besides being beautiful? In this case, if you are planting a garden that does not contain flowers only, we believe you can match this step-by-step mark in the Crafts By Amanda.


5. Tennis racket garden art

Are you really one of the most artisans who love more DIY projects when they have an element of recycling or adaptive reuse? In this case, if you can buy old or old sports equipment, we suggest you take a look at how Garden Therapy creates great works of art using old wooden frames fitted with tennis stands and different types of pearls!








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