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Whether you’re already living on the coast or just a beach lover slowly turning your home into your favorite place, we still say that DIY home decor on the coast may be more fun to do! There are lots of simple graphics and pieces that do not resemble beautiful and exposed works. We have a coastal guest room in our house, so we are always looking for nice tutorials that will help us create something new and stylish to update.

1. Seashell string lights


We have always been a fan of light wreaths, regardless of the style or aesthetic of the piece in question. Our children always loved them because they call them light garlands! We are not surprised that these beautiful shell-covered shells, which we have made several times now, are still very popular here. Get all the details to create your own creations quickly and simply on Martha Stewart.

2. Pottery Barn inspired rope wrapped beach candles

Have you ever seen anything at the beach or coastal store and want to buy it, but you can’t justify spending that money in your mind when you can easily get it yourself because you have so many DIY skills? This is exactly what we experienced when we saw string-style candles wrapped in a rope for sale in Pottery Barn. Instead of buying it, we looked at the concept online and found this wonderful DIY gable!

3. Handmade seashell candles

On your beaches and seashore, are you also looking to make your home more comfortable and healthier, as it is a haven away from work and your busy days? Well, if you’re interested in the idea of learning to make your own candles, we think you’ll really like how Borcatron has made the wonderful little tea heaters that are already inside. Of the shell.

4. Driftwood candle holder

Maybe you live near the beach and nothing makes you happier than using the things you collected on this beach in decorative pieces that inspire them? Then start collecting driftwood daily so you have enough to make a driftwood candle holder like this from Live Creatively Inspired!

5. Pottery Barn knock off knotted robe lamp


Did you really get your attention when we started talking about the idea of doing something that looks like a brand you don’t want to pay, but it was created entirely by you, even if you don’t have candle holders anymore? Well, if you can use a bedside lamp, this awesome tutorial on the complex dress in Down Home Inspiration may be more elegant in your corridor!


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