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As for our makeup, there is nothing better than taking our eyes as an opportunity to create and play in color. In fact, even if we aim to take a more intelligent and appropriate view of the day, rather than being very attractive and attractive, we always like to integrate our favorite umbrellas into appearance. We recently felt blue … but we do not want to say we are sad! We are in very good shape, but we are totally obsessed with the blue makeup of the eyes and are looking for new appearances all the time.

We have found a lot of beautiful blue make-up in our research so far! Check out these detailed guidelines for creating different styles of blue-inspired make-up. We think you’ll find something you like, regardless of your style or facial makeup!


1. White with a blue outer corner and blue underlining

If you want to be creative in blue, you can also use your shades, shades and blue powders wisely and let people see how much you like the look! We love the way they did the "beautiful shoes" through the blue shading on the white to get a good contrast extending from the outer corner of the eye, but our favorite part of that look is the way they lined up on the bottom of the eyelashes and water. The lines with blue are well mixed as well.


2. White and deep blue accents

When you imagine your ideal blue makeup, will your mind go deeper and darker than the one above? You may imagine a dark blue color that is a little more exciting than some of the most striking blues you’ll find in lighter makeup panels. In this case, discover how to combine Loren and World between this shadow with white and black to ease the effects while maintaining a hint of dark blue.


3. Blended blue tones with a dusty pink crease

You’ve always been a great fan of color, and even if you want your favorite shades of blue to appear on the stage this time, would you like to blend it with other shades to give a stylish touch to your look? Then find out how Indian Beauty Forever blended a light blue shade with a beautiful purple color leading to a beautiful purple and pink cover when wrinkled! We love the way they kept the lining and lashes lighter, so the focus really stays on the cover colors.


4. Blue with a grey inner corner

She likes the idea of blending blue with other subtle shades, but the contrast between the favorite blue and the pure white, as we have already explained, is little more than what she planned for? In this case, consider using silver gray or matte gray in a very light shade! Sona Gasparian shows you how light gray always helps blue shine by giving it a solid base to build on, but it does not scream out loud in contrast to white.


5. “Feeling blue” makeup

Vos tutoriels et styles de maquillage préférés ont-ils toujours été inspirés par toutes sortes de sources créatives? Ensuite, vous allez absolument adorer ce tutoriel très bleu et légèrement brillant qui a été modelé d’après le personnage de Sadness du film pour enfants Inside Out! Rainbowdorable vous guide tout au long du processus de recréation de leur look bleu, conçu pour exprimer non pas la tristesse du comportement du personnage, mais plutôt pour rendre hommage au courage qu’elle finit par montrer dans le film en utilisant un maquillage qui lui ressemble.


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